The Plan

The plan is, five friends will travel from John O'Groats to Land's End to raise money for the Scottish Cot Death Trust. Miles, Michael and Louis will be on their motorbikes while Craig and John will be in a support van (the van is not doing the whole journey to keep costs down).

Starting at the beginning of August 2010, the aim is to complete the challenge on August 7th, which would have been Milo's 2nd birthday but this is weather permitting etc. (this also applies to camping).

The team: Miles Millen, Craig Ferguson, Michael Mackay, John Harvey and Louis Moir

The route

The distance from John O'Groats to Lands End is about 1000 miles, but the total distance covered will be nearer 2000 miles, as the team have to make their way to the starting point and then back home from the finish.

Avoiding motorways in favour of minor roads the route will be split up into approximately four days:

Day 1 (A → B)

Start: John O'Groats

Finish: Oban

Planned events: Interview with The Oban Times. Street collecting.

Day 2 (B → C)

Start: Oban

Finish: Morecambe

Planned events: Street collecting.

Day 3 (C → D)

Start: Morecambe

Finish: Gloucester

Planned events: Street collecting.

Day 4 (D → E)

Start: Gloucester

Finish: Land's End

Planned events: meeting with John O'Groats to Lands End veteran Bob Fisher in Gloucester. Street collecting.


We want to create as much publicity as possible before and during the run. We're aiming to raise at least £2000, so if you:

  • want us to stop over where you live
  • have an idea for publicity
  • can help to raise money
  • want to make a donation

We'd love to hear from you. All donations will get a link or a mention on this site.